Saying Goodbye to Lee Patterson

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Today is the memorial for Lee Patterson, who taught me for six weeks during my seminar at Yale University.  He passed away in June at the age of 72. Dr. Lee Patterson was an incredible teacher and mentor, and I am fortunate that I had the opportunity to spend a summer in his classroom.  All […]

My Last Week at Yale

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Friends, it’s hard to believe, but I have less than a week left in my summer at Yale.  I finished my final project today and have only a few more tales to read before I get to the end of The Canterbury Tales.  It’s not quite time to leave yet, but it’s getting there.  Real […]

Let’s Hear it for The Place

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My favorite place to eat here in Connecticut is an unassuming seafood place called, simply enough, The Place.  The Place is an outdoor restaurant in Guilford, Connecticut, that is open from April to October.  You sit on tree stumps around round tables, and all the cooking is done on a large, wood-burning grill.  I could […]


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I have been putting it off, but it is now time for me to dedicate a blog post to the incredible amount of construction that has been surrounding me since I arrived in New Haven some four weeks ago. Most of the construction going on around us is done by the city of New Haven. […]

Oh, the Places I Go!

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I’ve been in New Haven for nine days so far, and today I found myself referring to my dorm room as “home.”  While I do miss my friends and family, I do feel at home here, and I wanted to share some of the places I see on a daily basis. This stairwell takes you […]

Odds and Sods

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Here are some more pictures that I took during my first week at Yale that haven’t fit in to any of my previous blog posts.  I have included captions. The Knyghtes Tale.  It’s a long one. Sterling Memorial library. Harkness Tower, as seen from Elm Street.  Both the Sterling Library and Harkness Tower were designed […]