October Reading

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Here’s what I read this month. 1. Rosina, the Midwife by Jessica Kluthe If there were such thing as a Mr. Brame’s Lock of the Month!™, I would give it to this book, Rosina the Midwife by Jessica Kluthe. Kluthe, a promising young writer from Alberta, has accomplished a unique feat in Rosina, a book that is simultaneously […]

December Reading

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Here’s what I read in December 1. The Human Stain by Philip Roth For me, reading Philip Roth is like listening to the Smiths or rooting for the Steelers.  It’s just a natural thing for me to do.  But for the past three years, I have purposely avoided reading Philip Roth, instead forcing myself to […]

Beginning MacBeth

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What’s a hurlyburly? I will be teaching Macbeth, which I haven’t read in years, when my classes reconvene in January.  Below are the first lines of the play–the chilling conversation among the witches that sets the scene and introduces the themes of MacBeth.   Rereading these lines, I suddenly remembered the episode of The Cosby Show in […]

November Reading

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Here’s what I read and did in November. My wife, Renee, directed the girls’ play at the Hebrew Academy this November.  It was a theatrical version of one of the creepiest Twilight Zone episodes of them all, “The After Hours,” which features a most unusual elevator ride and lots of mannequins.  The show also had […]