The New England Primer

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This is the New England Primer, the first American text used to teach school children to read.  It was in print from 1681 to 1830 and was, for millions of children in the New World, their first experience with formal education. In addition to the alphabet, it reinforced Puritan and Calvinist beliefs that life was […]

November Reading

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Here’s what I read and did in November. My wife, Renee, directed the girls’ play at the Hebrew Academy this November.  It was a theatrical version of one of the creepiest Twilight Zone episodes of them all, “The After Hours,” which features a most unusual elevator ride and lots of mannequins.  The show also had […]

Today is My Last Day At MASE

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I’ve been teaching at the Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering since the fall of 2006, and today is my last day. In the six years I was at MASE, I taught 8th grade writing, 12th grade English, AP Language and Composition, 11th grade English, mythology, creative writing, and probably a class or two I’ve […]

What We’ve Learned–The Students of 2012

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The school year is over, so it’s time to find out what our students have learned. What We’ve Learned Being young means living life, making mistakes, feeling loved, having friends, experiencing wild things, defying the law, and maturing into an adult. I’ve learned that when a character in a story has a first name that […]