My Day at Wrigley

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I had the chance to see the first-place Pittsburgh Pirates play the Chicago Cubs this week. Above is the line on the game, which the Pirates won to put them 21(!) games over .500.  Francisco Liriano pitched a complete game for the Buccos, and we saw three triples from Pirate batters.  It was a beautiful […]

Hemingway Drank Here

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Here’s how we ended up in Piggott, Arkansas. If you had asked me where Ernest Hemingway wrote A Farewell to Arms, my first guess would have been Paris.  Then Key West.  Then maybe Cuba, or Pamplona, or Oak Park.  The last place I ever would have guessed is Piggott, Arkansas, but it tuns out that that’s […]

Thoughts on John Steinbeck

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In his collection of essays, Songbook, Nick Hornby writes about his indifference toward Bob Dylan this way: “I’m not a big Dylan fan.  I’ve got Blonde on Blonde and Highway 61 Revisited, obviously.  And Bringing It All Back Home and Blood on the Tracks.  Anyone who likes music owns those four.  And I’m interested enough to have […]

Adventures in North Mississippi

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Let me tell you about some fun things to do in north Mississippi, and some places that would be fun to visit if they were ever freaking open. Jason and Julie in a cotton field. Normally, I avoid going to Mississippi.  Every time I’m driving and I see that MISSISSIPPI WELCOMES YOU! sign with the […]

Arriving at Yale

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Well, I am comfortably settled into my room at Yale and looking forward to my first day studying Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales with Lee Patterson.  But before I begin looking forward, I would like to look backwards to the drive that got me up here. Day 1 was a stunning study in efficiency.  I traveled 649 miles […]