Our Day at Busch Stadium

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Disclaimer: This blog post is about the Pittsburgh Pirates, and as such, deals with themes of dissappointment, misery, and loss. The author, aged 6. Dear Baseball: Please look at this  photo to the right. This is who you are hurting. Take a long look at the victim of your inhumane nature: a helpless boy, already […]

My Day at Wrigley

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I had the chance to see the first-place Pittsburgh Pirates play the Chicago Cubs this week. Above is the line on the game, which the Pirates won to put them 21(!) games over .500.  Francisco Liriano pitched a complete game for the Buccos, and we saw three triples from Pirate batters.  It was a beautiful […]

Raise the Jolly Roger!

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It’s time for me to talk about the 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates. Although I often write about my love for baseball on this blog, I tend to approach it on a strictly literary basis.  I don’t write about current developments in the Major Leagues in general, or of the Pittsburgh Pirates in particular, since this is […]

Today is Opening Day

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Today is Opening Day, one of the grandest days of the year.  Unless you’re a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates, that is.  Opening Day is still fun and all, but it’s just the first day of another disappointing, heartbreaking season.  So here is the lesson for all Pirates fans this year: “Have fun, but not […]