April Reading

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Here’s What I Read in April I took advantage of my Spring Break this year to have an orgy of non-fiction, and I finished off two hefty volumes in the month of April. Both with birthday presents (thanks, Mom and Kelly!) Let’s get to it. 1. The Big Screen by David Thomson This book is […]

A Conversation with John Paul Keith

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John Paul Keith discusses his new solo album, his collaboration with Amy LaVere, and what it means to be a musician in Memphis. John Paul Keith returned to Memphis in 2007, after spending years living in Nashville and Birmingham, Alabama. Since then, he’s released two stellar rock and roll albums–2008’s Spills and Thrills and 2011’s […]

A Poem About the Memphis Grizzlies

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Here’s a poem I wrote about the Memphis Grizzlies during last night’s game, when they beat the Oklahoma City Thunder last night to advance to the Western Conference Finals. Game Five I am watching game five, between Oklahoma City and Memphis, And thinking about poetry.  And imagining Zach Randolph as one of Odysseus’s men, glowering […]

February Reading

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Here’s What I Read in February 1. The Frozen Rabbi by Steve Stern Since I have been teaching at the Hebrew Academy, I’ve given myself a crash course in Judaic Studies.  However, I probably would have chosen to read The Frozen Rabbi by Steve Stern regardless of where I was teaching. Stern is a native […]

Johnny Cash, Songwriter

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Johnny Cash was born on this date in 1932. When you live in Memphis, you drive past Sun Studio all the time.  It’s right there on Union Avenue, and if you’re going downtown from anywhere, you’re likely to pass it.  You can see the tourists up and down the street, and you’ll feel sorry for […]

This Place Used to be Great…

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A photographic response to It Came From Memphis by  Robert Gordon. Last month, I discussed It Came From Memphis, Robert Gordon’s wonderful 1995 book about the misfits of the Memphis music scene.  I wrote that I wanted to drive around town and take pictures of the locales mentioned in the book–the bars, clubs, recording studios, and […]

February Reading

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Here’s What I Read in February February was a busy month.  On the scale of busy-ness, February 2012 ranks right up there with January of 2012.  It’s been a busy year so far, folks, but I ain’t complaining.  Here’s what I read this month. 1. It Came From Memphis by Robert Gordon This book has been […]