Investigating the H.U.A.C.

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I am teaching The Crucible again, which means trying to teach McCarthyism to kids who were born in 1995.  So this year, I showed my class footage of the actual H.U.A.C. hearings.  Have you ever seen this stuff? Teaching McCarthyism to my students is difficult.  I mean, teaching the concept of McCarthyism to anyone is hard […]

April Reading

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Not cool, April.  Not cool at all. April was rough this year.  First there was a string of terrible storms that smashed homes on my street and damaged my own house, then three days with no power, and now Memphis is facing the spectre of some very serious flooding as the rivers Wolf and Mississippi […]

March Reading

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March was a busy, busy month for me, but I managed to finish three books.  Here’s what they were and what I thought about them. 1. Waterland by Graham Swift I read Graham Swift’s amazing novel, Last Orders, last summer while I was at Yale, and one of my fellow Yalies, Susanna, recommended this one. […]

Jay Gatsby’s Facebook Page

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For extra credit, I allowed my students to create Facebook pages for characters in The Great Gatsby.  Come on in to see some more.  We don’t have computers in my classroom, but we do have paper and colored pencils from the dollar store.  (But don’t tell the Republicans about the colored pencils!  If they knew […]