A Poem For Steelers Fans

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Emily Dickinson knows how we feel today. It’s been two days since the game, and many of us are still trying to get back to normal.  I’m back at work, trying not to think about it, my feet going around mechanically, in a “wooden way.”   I have no desire to talk about what happened […]

Emily Dickinson, Poet

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It’s late July, and I am getting ready for another school year.  Above is a poster of Emily Dickinson I made for my classroom.  I hope I have the chance to teach her this year. As it it, my school is facing closure in the next month, and I am looking at the prospect of […]

Is This Emily Dickinson?

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This photograph, taken in the 1850s, may be only the second known image of the reclusive American poet. In a letter to her friend, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Emily Dickinson described her personal appearance with these lines: “[I] am small, like the Wren, and my hair is bold, like the Chestnut bur–and my eyes, like the Sherry […]