Photo Update

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Time for some more dumb pictures. I was impressed at the way that children’s TV has been pushing the envelope lately. Below are a couple shots from the special Se7en episode of Calliou.  Not to be outdone, Curious George aired a spine-tingling version of Rear Window. Nice work, Curious George. Almost as good as your Heart of […]

In Defense of Obscurity

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You probably have a favorite song that none of your friends have ever heard before.  Today, I’ll share one with you. I have been tremendously busy these last few weeks, what with the two kids and my English classes and the ever-increasing demands of graduate school.  I’ve been reading Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte and Joseph Andrews […]

Today is Opening Day

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Today is Opening Day, one of the grandest days of the year.  Unless you’re a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates, that is.  Opening Day is still fun and all, but it’s just the first day of another disappointing, heartbreaking season.  So here is the lesson for all Pirates fans this year: “Have fun, but not […]

I’m Missing Baseball Already

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Some subjects just lend themselves to poetry perfectly.  There are many great poems about sex.  There are many great poems about World War I.  There are many great poems about baseball. The World Series ended just a few days ago, but I’m already missing baseball.  This morning, on the way to work, my iPod dialed up […]