Middle English Haiku

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My summer at Yale is over, and I’m back at work in Memphis, but Yaleblog! isn’t over–not yet.  I have one or two more posts before this blog reverts to being about my life and work in the dirty south. First, I’d like to share with you some of my final project.  I wrote 10 […]

The Knyghtes Tale

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The reason I am attending this seminar, of course, is to learn how to teach The Canterbury Tales to my students back home.  Having said that, I have been working on my final project, which is a compilation of creative assignments for my students.  Above is a glog, which I completed at glogster.com.

Oh, the Places I Go!

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I’ve been in New Haven for nine days so far, and today I found myself referring to my dorm room as “home.”  While I do miss my friends and family, I do feel at home here, and I wanted to share some of the places I see on a daily basis. This stairwell takes you […]

First Day of Class

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Did you know… …that The Canterbury Tales was not written by a man named Edmund Canterbury?  But rather by a fellow named Geoffrey Chaucer who was, of all things, English? Today was our first day of class, which is held in the delightfully named Linsly-Chittenden Hall on High Street.  Dr. Patterson started his lecture on […]