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My words, published.

I wrote Esquire magazine a letter in response to the photo of Scarlett Johansson on their November 2013 cover. They ran my letter in their annual “The Meaning of Life” issue, diagnosing my reaction to the picture as a symptom of “The Scarlett Effect.” 

The Challenger Disaster, one volume in the series Perspectives on Modern World History by Greenhaven Press came out this December. My essay, “The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies,” first featured on this blog, appears in the book. 
I will also have a poem published in a forthcoming edition of Avatar Review, due sometime next summer. I’ll keep you posted. 
Here are some more publications from earlier in 2013:

  • I Should Have Been a Fighter” in The Squawk Back
  • The Gorgon’s Last Dream” in The Copperfield Review
  • “Literary Characters that Got Screwed by the Man” in Straight Forward. (Purchase via Lit Ragger required) 
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