Fancy Herring Snacks in Sour Cream: UPDATE!

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I have two questions about Fancy Herring Snacks in Sour Cream

It’s summertime, which is apparently the right time to try these fancy herring snacks in sour cream.  You can always find them in the back of the grocery store; they’re never far from the tubs of imitation crab and the live lobster tanks.  Pour yourself a minty gin drink, grab a toothpick, and enjoy. They taste great on crackers?  Or maybe with onions?  I have no idea, because they look revolting and I’ve never had the guts to try one.
Which brings us to the two questions alluded to at the top of this post.
1. In what classic short story do Fancy Herring Snacks in Sour Cream (49ยข) play a supporting role?  First one to get this answer correct gets some sort of shout out to be determined later. (No cheating, please.)
2. Has anyone in the sound of my voice ever eaten one of these?


We have a winner.  The correct answer was “A & P” by John Updike, one of my favorite stories of them all.  (“Fancy herring snacks flashed in her very blue eyes.”)

As you can see by the comments below, the winners are Justin and Amy from the Chubby Vegetarian blog.  Spotlight on Justin and Amy.  If you haven’t already, get a copy of their new book, The Southern Vegetarian, on shelves everywhere.  

The winners

5 thoughts on “Fancy Herring Snacks in Sour Cream: UPDATE!

  1. To the first question…I have no idea…something Chekov? To the second? YES I HAVE (remember, my mother is Ukrainian)…it's really not that bad.

  2. I knew the answer only because I teach the story and my students always ask what they are. And I've yet to meet a person who has actually tried them. I either live in the wrong part of the country or maybe I'm just not 'fancy' enough.

  3. I'm an MFA student and read A&P this summer for the first time since high school. I had to buy the jar of Herring Snacks in Sour Cream when I saw them at the grocery store this weekend. Ran across your blog trying to figure out what exactly you're supposed to DO with them…I'm eating them straight out of the jar as I type…not bad, actually ๐Ÿ™‚

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