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The Perfect Vessels’ new EP, Habitual Long Distance Lovers, is now available for free download.  

I’m excited to share this new EP with you, just released by Unclaimed Records today.   We are proud of the way it came out, and we think you will enjoy it.  Listen to it in the player below, or click here for the Bandcamp page that allows free downloads.  Naturally, we’d love to hear what you think about it, so let me know in the comments below, or visit any of the band’s many social media sites. 

Here is some information about this release:

The Perfect Vessels
Habitual Long-Distance Lovers

1. Habitual Long-Distance Lovers (Bell)
2. No Good (G. Burks)
3. Weird to Talk To (Brame)
4. No Regrets (Bell)

Perfect Vessels are:
David Bell
Aaron Brame
Graham Burks
Justin Fox Burks

Recorded and Produced by Graham Burks
Mastered by Kevin Cubbins

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