Thales of Miletus, Philosopher

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All things come from water. First, some epistemological questions!  It’s natural to assume that you know everything, and that your knowledge is secure because, well, you just know it.  But consider: Is it possible to have knowledge at all? Can our reason provide us with knowledge of things that we cannot experience?  Does our knowledge present […]

A Poem About the Memphis Grizzlies

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Here’s a poem I wrote about the Memphis Grizzlies during last night’s game, when they beat the Oklahoma City Thunder last night to advance to the Western Conference Finals. Game Five I am watching game five, between Oklahoma City and Memphis, And thinking about poetry.  And imagining Zach Randolph as one of Odysseus’s men, glowering […]

May Miscellany

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I knew there was something I wanted to tell you… I’ve never done a post quite like this one, where I just check off a list of some things that I wanted to write about. But now that I’m done with it, I feel much better. 1. The Return of the Cicadas There have been […]

April Reading

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Here’s what I read in April. 1. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte Thanks to my wife for providing awesome stickers. Jane Eyre is a long, romantic 19th-century novel written by a woman.  In other words, Jane Eyre  is a book that I have never read.  However, now that I am a teacher of AP literature, […]