William Prynne, Dissenter

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This is William Prynne, a British polemical writer of the 17th century.  There’s a reason he wears his hair like that. I haven’t been doing much blogging recently because I’m finishing my first semester of grad school and doing a lot of research on Jonathan Swift’s The Tale of a Tub (which I’ve totally figured out, […]

The Perfect Vessels: A Refresher

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It has been over a year and a half since I have written anything about the Perfect Vessels.  However, there is some interesting news coming regarding the band, so this would be a good time for a refresher. Pictured above are The Perfect Vessels.  You are acquainted with the guy playing organ.  In 2011, this […]

In Defense of Obscurity

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You probably have a favorite song that none of your friends have ever heard before.  Today, I’ll share one with you. I have been tremendously busy these last few weeks, what with the two kids and my English classes and the ever-increasing demands of graduate school.  I’ve been reading Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte and Joseph Andrews […]

March Reading

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Here’s what I read in March. It’s the beginning of another month, at which point I always recap what I read in the previous 30 days. These are not the most popular posts here on Mr. Brame’s Blog, and today’s recap is going to be pretty esoteric (and short), but these recaps help me focus […]