On Getting Published

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An essay I published on this blog will appear in an upcoming volume of Greenhaven Press’s Perspectives on Modern World History. Greenhaven Press’s Perspectives on Modern World History series is collection of research books for high school and early college students.  There have been previous volumes on topics such as Martin Luther King’s assassination, the Chernobyl disaster, […]

Hemingway Drank Here

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Here’s how we ended up in Piggott, Arkansas. If you had asked me where Ernest Hemingway wrote A Farewell to Arms, my first guess would have been Paris.  Then Key West.  Then maybe Cuba, or Pamplona, or Oak Park.  The last place I ever would have guessed is Piggott, Arkansas, but it tuns out that that’s […]

Here’s a Song I Wrote 17 Years Ago

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This is “Last Chance to Change,” a student work I wrote and recorded with Graham Burks back in 1996.  It’s been lost to me until this week, when I digitized it from the original quarter-inch tape. When I was an undergraduate at Rhodes College, I took a music theory class from professor David Ramsey.  He […]