An Important Message From Andrew McCutchen

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Andrew McCutchen
Yes, that’s Andrew McCutchen, and he’s looking for his keys.

This story begins on a Tuesday.  I have a late start on Tuesdays, and I value the few moments I have to myself in a quiet house.  I get a chance to prepare for my classes, catch up on some reading, or do important research.

On this particular Tuesday, however, my wife, Renee, could not find her car keys.  We searched for what seemed like an hour for them, but couldn’t find them anywhere.  The kids were dressed, shod, and packed, and they were walking around the house with us, wondering why we were tearing the cushions off the couches and cursing.
Yes, I got an email from Cutch.
Well, wouldn’t you know, the keys were in my wife’s jacket pocket the whole time.  I had a right laugh about that as I helped her get the kids in the car, then went back in to try to clean up the mess we had just made in the few minutes I had before running off to work, the morning ruined.
Renee, naturally, felt bad about the whole mess.  She did some searching onine to find a proper way to thank me for the help, and made it to is a site where you can buy personalized messages from your favorite Major League Baseball stars.  She ordered an egraph from my favorite ballplayer, Gold Glove-winner and two-time All Star, Andrew McCutchen.
It did take a long while–nearly a month longer than the website had promised–but the other day I got an email and a message from Andrew McCutchen.  You really should hear it:
Click here to hear Andrew McCutchen thank me for finding 
my wife’s car keys.

Update: eGraphs went out of business.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this info! My husband is almost unhealthily obsessed with Mookie Wilson. I already went to Egraphs and placed my order. He's going to flip out with happiness when he gets his message!

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