The Great Gatsby Roundup–UPDATE!

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I asked for copies of Gatsby, and you delivered.

Two weeks ago, I asked readers of this blog to send in their old copies of The Great Gatsby.  My friend James, netminder of Ready When You Are, C.B., helped me out by promulgating my cause on his blog.  Before I knew it, the Gatsbies just started rolling in.

Some people donated one copy, others two or three, and one generous soul donated a set of 25.  Each and every one of these books will make a difference in the life of my students, and they truly are thankful.  These kids are no dummies, and they are very responsive when they understand that someone is giving them a hand. 

I had them find ways to thank our donors, and they chose a few different methods, but this one was my favorite:
Spring break is coming up soon, and as soon as we get back we are starting Gatsby.  Thank you very, very much to everyone who played a part in this wonderful story.

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