A Poem for Every Day

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Take a look at the Library of Congress’s Poetry 180 project. I understand well that many people–maybe even you–don’t like poetry.  They see poetry as tedious and evasive, something that their teachers made them read in class many years ago for reasons that they never understood.  Trust me; I get it.  I know the feeling […]

Jay McInerney, Novelist

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Jay McInerney is 57 years old today, which means that, yes, you are getting old. Jay McInerny turns 57 today, and if you think that that just can’t be, please keep in mind that Simon LeBon and Belinda Carlisle are just behind him at 53.  The 80s became the new 70s sometime around the millenium; […]

A Poem For Steelers Fans

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Emily Dickinson knows how we feel today. It’s been two days since the game, and many of us are still trying to get back to normal.  I’m back at work, trying not to think about it, my feet going around mechanically, in a “wooden way.”   I have no desire to talk about what happened […]

December Reading

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Here’s what I read in December. 1. Readicide, Kelly Gallagher I have often heard teachers–teachers!–tell their students “I have never been much of a reader.”  I’ve heard them argue against the need for textbooks in schools.  They really do!  Then they use me as an example of someone who likes to read a lot, as if I […]