A Visit from the Other Mr. Brame

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That’s me with my brother Jason, who dropped by my classroom last week to see what goes on in there.  Here’s what he had to say about it.

A week ago I had the opportunity to hang out in Aaron’s classroom, meet his students (whattup, Johnnie Taylor’s great niece!) and hear a very informative mini-lecture on Frederick Douglass (seven times). It was a pleasure to observe such a well-structured classroom full of well-behaved and respectful students—I can only hope that when I have a classroom of my own, my students are this well behaved and respectful.
As a future teacher, it was interesting to see how my brother’s presentation became much more fluid, well paced and confident the more times he gave it. It was also illuminating to see how smoothly he drew his students into analyzing the first few pages of Douglass’ Narrative of the Life of Freed Slave—his questions expertly guided them to making important connections with the text, applying their background knowledge and understanding in interesting and insightful ways that jump-started their reading. It was a great way to kick off a unit on this book; I would like to observe more in-depth class discussions once students have worked their way through to the end.
It was an honor to visit, and I sincerely look forward to returning. Next time, though, please turn on the heat . . . halfway through lecture number five I looked over and I’m like, “Hey, is that Walt Disney?”

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