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I was halfway through The Invention of Hugo Cabret when one of my students took my copy.

All the time I was reading The Invention of Hugo Cabret, the remarkable graphic novel by Brian Selznick, I was thinking, “You know, Aaliyah would love this book.”  
Aaliyah is a bright student in my sixth period class who makes wonderful pencil drawings in a sketch pad she keeps with her all the time.  So I let her see my book when she was done with her work on Wednesday, and the next thing I knew, school was over, all my students were gone, and my book was nowhere to be found.
I ran out into the hallway and asked the other students if anyone had seen her.  They just shook their heads.  “She’s gone,” one of them said.
Like one of the characters from the story, she had snatched up a treasured item, and now the authorities were after her!  
I went home dejected that night, and had nothing to read.
The next day, she brought me the book back first thing in the morning and told me that she had read about 150 pages of it.  There was no way I could take it back without letting her finish, so I made a deal with her.  She could keep it for the three-day weekend, but when she brought it back, she’d have to write a review for my blog.  She accepted.  
Tomorrow, I will post what I thought about this book, but for now, here’s what she said:
I took this book from my teacher, Mr. Brame.  I took it home with me when he was in the middle of the book.  It was totally funny because someone told me that he was looking for me.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret was an awesome book because of the life-like situations.  The drawings were also amusing.  I love how all the pieces of the puzzle come together as you read along towards the end.  The drawings in the book made it exciting and fun.  This book tells me to never waste your dreams.  This is a small world; you’ll never know what will come out of your creations.
-Aaliyah Lucas

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