In Which My Wife Reads One of my Favorite Memoirs

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I made a deal with my wife–I’ll read a Didion if you read a Roth.

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Several years ago, before I had children,  I tore through a ton of
Joan Didion’s work.  I began with Play It As It Lays and
ended with The
Year of Magical Thinking
.  The
latter was one of my all-time, no kidding, broke-me-in-half-for-a-long-time-afterwards favorite books.  I’m
actually afraid to reread The Year of Magical Thinking for fear of tarnishing my original impression of
the book.

Upon my recommendation,
Aaron read it and said “Hey.  If
you like this, you should read Patrimony.”  (insert that riff from Reading Rainbow that used to play at
the end of  “Don’t take my word for
I like Philip Roth. 
Before this, I had read Goodbye Columbus (my personal favorite),
Portnoy’s Complaint, “The Conversion of the Jews,” and three-fourths of American Pastoral.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to
read Patrimony.  How much mourning
literature can one person handle, right? 
Recently, I was in the right frame of mind and gave it a
shot.  Here’s what I thought:
Patrimony was engrossing.  I found myself reading at night until I couldn’t possibly
keep my eyes open anymore.  Though
the story is mainly about the illness that eventually killed Philip Roth’s
father, it is just as much about the life his father led long before he ever
got sick.  One incident in the
present would trigger an entire chapter of memories. 
The experiences Roth had while caring for his father made me
think of my own family that took care of and just buried my grandmother.  My parents were in Roth’s shoes.  It is heartbreaking and, for most
people, indescribable.  Philp Roth,
however, is a master of description. 
The shaving mug.  The
Houston Astronauts.  The giving
things away.  The tenderness you
only see when a child takes care of a parent (or vice versa).  It all struck a nerve.  None of it seemed contrived. 
If you haven’t read this book (and you aren’t yourself in
mourning), read it. 
Here’s a little bit of the man himself reading an excerpt.  Could there be more bottles of water in
front of him?

4 thoughts on “In Which My Wife Reads One of my Favorite Memoirs

  1. You know, there are a couple of book blogs run by husband and wife teams…..

    I count Portnoy's Complaint as one of my all-time favorite reads, but I've not read this one. I may just look for it. With Roth, I either love the book or find it leaves me flat. Actually, I think there was just the one that left me flat. I think it was American Pastoral.

  2. So, we should see more of Renee here on this blog? I think that's a good idea.

    American Pastoral is my #1 favorite Roth book (GLOVES!). Patrimony is an odd one, as it's his only expressly non-fiction work. You should check it out!

    What's your favorite husband and wife book blog?

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