Leonard Cohen, Poet

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Today is the birthday of Leonard Cohen. You may know Leonard Cohen as the cantankerous folk-singer from Canada who wrote “Suzanne” and “So Long, Marianne.”  However, Cohen was a poet and novelist years before his recording career began.  His career in poetry has spanned fifty years, from the release of his first book, Let Us Compare Mythologies, in […]

Investigating the H.U.A.C.

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I am teaching The Crucible again, which means trying to teach McCarthyism to kids who were born in 1995.  So this year, I showed my class footage of the actual H.U.A.C. hearings.  Have you ever seen this stuff? Teaching McCarthyism to my students is difficult.  I mean, teaching the concept of McCarthyism to anyone is hard […]

Roald Dahl, Author

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Today is the birthday of Roald Dahl. Roald Dahl, who was born on this date in 1916 in Wales, is of course best-known for his children’s books.  Following is a partial list of his best known titles for youngsters–chances are you’ve read some of these: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Matilda The BFG  James and […]

Siegfried Sassoon, Poet

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Today marks the anniversary of the death of poet Sigfried Sassoon. Siegfried Sassoon was born in England in 1886.  In August of 1914, just days before war broke out in Europe, he voluntarily entered the British army.  At six feet, six inches tall, Sassoon was a fearless soldier and fierce fighter.  He earned the nickname […]