Emily Dickinson, Poet

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It’s late July, and I am getting ready for another school year.  Above is a poster of Emily Dickinson I made for my classroom.  I hope I have the chance to teach her this year. As it it, my school is facing closure in the next month, and I am looking at the prospect of […]

Reading the End of Infinite Jest

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Wait.  What happened? You are at the end of Infinite Jest.  You’ve been reading for the last 34 days, over the course of a thousand pages, and your friends and family members are wondering if you are ever going to return to them.  You have met hundreds of characters, underlined dozens of passages of symbolic […]

I Finished Infinite Jest

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The Summer of Jest is over.  Here are some of my thoughts on the last 300 pages. Spoilers ahead. For anyone who chooses to read this book, rest assured that it requires anti-social and obsessive behavior in order to finish it.  I completed it in 34 days, reading an average of 31.7 pages or 14,235 […]

Summer of Jest–Pages 301-600

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I just finished the second trimester of my Jest-ation. Here’s what I’m thinking as I finish pages 300-601: 1. My pace has slowed. 2. Fatigue is starting to set in. 3. Nevertheless, this is still one heck of an entertaining book. 1. My Pace Has Slowed I was originally reading on a “31-squared” scheduled–31 pages […]

Miss Brame’s Blog

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Meet Calliope June Brame. She’s asleep, so we’ll have to be quiet, but I wanted to introduce you to our new daughter.  She was born at 7:45 this morning and has had a peaceful and contented first day.  Vitals: 6 lbs., 15 oz., 19 inches.  She looks just like her brother did when he was […]

Take the Mr. Brame Challenge!

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This is an actual contest, with winners and prizes and everything.  And you are eligible. One of my favorite places in Memphis is the plaza outside the Memphis Public Library.  Go there, and you’ll find a beautiful sidewalk dedicated to “the history of information,” inscribed with some of the world’s most famous quotations.  It’s just […]

Summer of Jest–the First 300 Pages

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Mmmyellow? My family and I have sold our home.  We’re living temporarily with my in-laws, trying to stay out of the exurban heat, and awaiting the birth of our second child.  Throughout all of this, I’ve been lugging around Infinite Jest, trying to make headway.  Here’s where I am so far: Now that I’m 300 […]