What We’ve Learned–The Students of 2011

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It is the end of another school year, so it’s time to find out what this year’s junior class has learned.

What We’ve Learned
Don’t blame other people for your faults.
I would say we are one mysterious strange school.
Sagging is the worst fashion trend at MASE.
It’s going to feel so awesome knowing that we are the leaders of the school.
I get around issues by staying out of people’s business and staying to myself.  
Yes, my dreams really mean something to me.
I’m very proud of the Grizzlies!  They have come a very long way.  Go Grizz!
I would like to see unity for a change.
My favorite thing about Memphis is living downtown.
I am 100% sure that my dreams mean something.
Every day I hang out with my friends is a memorable event.
A habit I think should be dropped is the chaos created in the lunch line.
I believe that my dreams are not going to stay dreams.  They’re going to become a reality.
Students should drop their bad attitudes and disrespect towards teachers.
Everything in life don’t get handed to you.
The best book was The Catcher in the Rye.

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