May Reading

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Here’s what I read in May. 1. Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro My friend The Saucy Wench will be pleased to learn that I finally made my way around to reading Never Let Me Go.  The only previous experience I had had with Ishiguro was the dense and meticulous Remains of the Day, which […]

Meeting Dorothy Parker

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So, what do you know about Dorothy Parker?  Me, not so much.  I had made it to this point of my education without having read anything at all by her, so when I stumbled across her wonderful poem, “Resume,” my eyes fairly gleamed in anticipation of finding books full of poems as witty, sharp, and […]

Out-of-Print Salinger

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Your bookstore only sells four books by J.D. Salinger, but there is more out there for you if you (or your wife) is up for some bargain-hunting. Go to a bookstore, and you’re only going to find four books by J. D. Salinger.  There’s Catcher in the Rye, Franny and Zooey, Nine Stories, and the […]

Excuses for Calling in Sick

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A Thoughtful Alphabet Excuses for Calling In Sick (Thoughtful Alphabet #3) Acute Boorishness Courtesan’s Disease Everyman’s Funk (Gastric) Hangover Incipient Jadedness Kitsch Libationitis Major Narcolepsy Over-Prescribed Quinine Ringworm Slacker’s Toe Unpredicted Vertiginous Wobbling eXtreme Yammer Zymosis Thoughtful Alphabet #1 Thoughtful Alphabet #2

What to Pack in Case of Armageddon

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(A Thoughtful Alphabet) What to Pack in Case of Armageddon (Thoughtful Alphabet #2) A Beatles Compilation Deodorant Extra Flannels Granola Henry’s Insulin Jacket Kerosene Lamp Mixed Nuts (Organic) Pre-Qualified Resurrectionist Socks Tic-Tacs Untraceable Venezuelan Weapons eXcaliber Youthful Zeal Thoughtful Alphabet #1

April Reading

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Not cool, April.  Not cool at all. April was rough this year.  First there was a string of terrible storms that smashed homes on my street and damaged my own house, then three days with no power, and now Memphis is facing the spectre of some very serious flooding as the rivers Wolf and Mississippi […]