A Bunch of New Fisheye Photos

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I’ve been taking a lot of pictures with my plastic fisheye camera lately. These pictures were taken with a Lomographic FishEye Camera, which is totally worth the $38 it is going for on amazon.com.  It’s made of plastic and looks like this: I’ve kept it in the car with me for the last two weeks, […]


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The storms that hurtle through Memphis are not to be toyed with.  Above is the damage my back patio incurred this Monday when we got an early dose of summer storms.  I feel lucky. My neighborhood got hit with an early summer storm on Monday.  My house got a black eye, but many on my […]

March Reading

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March was a busy, busy month for me, but I managed to finish three books.  Here’s what they were and what I thought about them. 1. Waterland by Graham Swift I read Graham Swift’s amazing novel, Last Orders, last summer while I was at Yale, and one of my fellow Yalies, Susanna, recommended this one. […]