Super Bow XLV: Ouch.

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The mantle in my parents’ living room.
This one hurt.

The Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 in last night’s Super Bowl.  I don’t really want to talk about the game.  However, the Brame family experienced the whole ordeal together, and the photos are fun enough to make you almsot forget that if Mendy hadn’t dropped the ball on that run at the start of the fourth quarter, we probably would have had it in the bag.


Well, the most important news about the weekend was that my brother Jason and sister-in-law Julie traveled all the way from Milwaukee to Memphis just to watch us.  That’s some dedication for you right there.  They flew from Milwaukee to Chicago, then caught a flight to Little Rock, Arkansas, rented a car, and drove the two hours to Memphis.  About 36 hours later, after the Steelers heart-rending loss, they reversed the entire procedure.  Here we are, nearly twenty-four hours after our football dreams were dashed to pieces like a wayward vessel upon the rocks, and they still aren’t home.  They’re sitting on a runway in Chicago, waiting for the guys to de-ice the plane so they can get home and get to bed and go to work in the morning.  That’s going above and beyond the call of duty for your football team, folks.

Jason with the lads

We took the following pictures in the long morning and afternoon that led up to the game.  Enjoy.

Getting ready for the game.
My dear grandmother made this Steelers latch-hook rug sometime in the 1980s.
We made a trip to Ching’s Wings to pick up a barrelful of wings.  The guy behind the counter was thrilled to see us walk in; he called us “The Steel Curtain”…
… and he insisted on taking our picture before we left.  (Photo by the Ching’s guy)

Julie was wearing her old-school Antwaan Randle El jersey from the Super Bowl XL era.  She’s a huge Randle El fan, and for a shining period during the third quarter, it looked like ARE was going to be the surprise hero of the game, and that Julie would be having the last laugh.  But then, well, you know what happened.  Also, my son is looking through binoculars for some reason.
The Paisan and I work on our fundamentals.  (Photo by Renee.)

The Heisman stance.  (Photo by Renee.)

The official portrait.
This was it.  Time for one last picture before the game started.  I lined up the family in front of the house and snapped this, and then we all went inside, scouted out our seats, grabbed our plates, and watched.  And, as I stated in the first sentence of this post, it hurt pretty bad.  The Steelers never had the lead, not even for a second, and Ben did not play well at all, and Troy was practically non-existent, and the pass rush could have been stronger, and in the end, the old cliche about the better team winning was true.  
But I should be positive.  The whole family was there to experience it together.  And losing builds character in a way that winning just can’t.  And 86 and 43 will be back next year, and Ben will be better, the offensive line will be intact, Aaron Smith will return, and there is always optimism when you are a Steeler fan.  And, in case you ever forget it, there is a statue in the Pittsburgh International Airport, a statue of a young Franco Harris, scooping the football from the very air in the 1972 divisional playoff game against the Raiders.  And Franco is looking up in disbelief at what lies before him–an open field, a boundless future, a world of wonder and fulfillment.  
Let’s go Steelers!

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