Oh, the Places I Go!

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I’ve been in New Haven for nine days so far, and today I found myself referring to my dorm room as “home.”  While I do miss my friends and family, I do feel at home here, and I wanted to share some of the places I see on a daily basis.

This stairwell takes you to Chaucer.

I have already posted pictures of my dorm building, the Sterling Memorial Library, and Linsly-Chatterly Hall, where we have our classes.  Above is a view from the inside of our building and the beginning of a rather vigorous climb we have to make to our class.  A few more pictures follow.

In the vestibule of Linsy-Chatterly

However, I am jumping the gun a little bit.  Every day begins with coffee, and I get mine from Blue State, which is between my room and class.  We all love Blue State, and I am constantly running into classmates there.

Every day I pass Ashely’s Ice Cream, which purports to have the best ice cream in Connecticut.  I don’t know if I approve of their appeal to misleading authority (that’s the ispe dixit fallacy, for those of you scoring at home), but the ice cream is pretty damn good.

We are surrounded by twelve residential colleges.  Unfortunately, we are not part of one of them.  Yale has us housed in what is known as the “Swing” building (more on that at a later post) and we’re sort of out in the corner of the campus, far away from everything.  We are allowed to eat our meals in the dining hall of Pierson College.  Pierson is a lovely place and has a beauty that stands out amongst the other colleges.  I’d be cool with Rocco belonging to Pierson.

And finally, this is a picture of Louis Lunch, a place I pass often but have not yet visited.  It claims to be the first restaurant in the United States to serve hamburgers.  The story seems fishy to me, but the Library of Congress vouches for Louis Lunch, so maybe there is something to it.  

So there you have it.  

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