Let’s Hear it for The Place

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My favorite place to eat here in Connecticut is an unassuming seafood place called, simply enough, The Place. 

The Place is an outdoor restaurant in Guilford, Connecticut, that is open from April to October.  You sit on tree stumps around round tables, and all the cooking is done on a large, wood-burning grill.  I could tell you about the menu, but it’s much easier to post a picture of it:
The Place’s 30-foot-tall menu.
It is a special treat for my classmates and me to get in a car, pick up some beer, and head to The Place.  This is the perfect restaurant for people who have been cooped up in a dorm reading Chaucer and need to get out into the air.  We have been twice so far, and I hope we can make it one last time before this whole experience is over.
Roasted clams at The Place

The dining room.
The kitchen.

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