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I have been putting it off, but it is now time for me to dedicate a blog post to the incredible amount of construction that has been surrounding me since I arrived in New Haven some four weeks ago.

Most of the construction going on around us is done by the city of New Haven.  They’re tearing up streets, closing off our sidewalks, forcing us to cross the streets in haphazard and dangerous ways, and waking us up with the beeping of their infernal trucks!  They even dig in the middle of our little corner of the campus at two in the morning?  What can one do of this?  Nothing!

During the day, we feel like little Froggers, trying to get from one side of the street without being run down by traffic.  There are new rules every day.

But in addition to the work being done by the city of New Haven, there is still the work of renovation being done by Yale itself.  Our professor told us that they recently decided to renovate all of Yale University–all 12 colleges that make up the campus.  He said that it would have been cheaper for the university to tear down every building that stood and start all over.  
Yale wasn’t about to do that, of course.  Instead, it undertook a piecemeal renovation plan that has been dragging on for years and will continue long after I am gone.
There are twelve residential colleges that make up Yale University, and each one takes roughly one and a half years to renovate.  In order to accomodate the students that were displaced during the construction, they built the “Swing Building” from which I am writing this blog post.  And what is the Swing Building surrounded by today?  Why, more construction!
Here is a picture of the Payne-Whitney gym.  I bet that this is normally an imposing, cathedral-like structure, but today, alas, it is covered in blue tarp. 

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