Odds and Sods

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Here are some more pictures that I took during my first week at Yale that haven’t fit in to any of my previous blog posts.  I have included captions.

The Knyghtes Tale.  It’s a long one.

Sterling Memorial library.

Harkness Tower, as seen from Elm Street.  Both the Sterling Library and Harkness Tower were designed by James Gamble Rogers, who also designed the Brooks Museum of Art in Memphis.  

A view of the roofs from College Street.  What do you kind this kind of roof?  It’s not a gable.  What is it?

Stop snitchin’, New Haven!

I believe that Milfshake is a band.  If so, then I say “Great band name!”

A boring professor lectures while his students sleep.

A masonry policeman from the Yale Law building, where Bill and Hillary Clinton first met.

My dorm room.

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