First Day of Class

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Did you know… …that The Canterbury Tales was not written by a man named Edmund Canterbury?  But rather by a fellow named Geoffrey Chaucer who was, of all things, English? Today was our first day of class, which is held in the delightfully named Linsly-Chittenden Hall on High Street.  Dr. Patterson started his lecture on […]

Arriving at Yale

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Well, I am comfortably settled into my room at Yale and looking forward to my first day studying Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales with Lee Patterson.  But before I begin looking forward, I would like to look backwards to the drive that got me up here. Day 1 was a stunning study in efficiency.  I traveled 649 miles […]

10 Interesting Yalies

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I leave for a six-week seminar at Yale University on Friday, and I am reflecting upon the many, many remarkable people who have studied there.  As a preparation for starting my work there, I have written a little about ten Yalies that I find particularly interesting.  Most of them graduated from the university, but some […]

Famous Last Words

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Yesterday was the last day of school for the 2009-2010 year.  The last day of school!  It seems as if it should be a day of celebrating and throwing off the yoke of tyranny, but this day has always had an odd effect on me. The finality of the last day of school always causes […]