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Life makes more sense with pop  music.

Life makes more sense with pop music.  That’s why I’ve gone back, year by year, and chronicled the song that meant the most to me then.  This song may not have been released that year, it may not have been big that year, but it was relevant to me in a personal way that defines that period of my life.
Also, I didn’t do too much research to make sure I got these years right.  This is my life, after all, and if I confuse 1998 with 1999, well, that’s my right.


What’s the most important song from 2010?  I can’t answer that, of course.  It’s only May, and there’s plenty of the year left.  I’m going up to New Haven, Connecticut in June to spend six weeks at Yale.  Renee and Rocco are going to come up and meet me.  We’re planning on going to see a Red Sox game at Fenway, and I’m sure there will be a new song playing on my stereo that day—something I’ve never heard before.  A new “Tritsch-Tratsch Polka” or “I Love This Bar.”  A scratch for an itch I didn’t know I had.  Until then, here’s Neil Diamond singing “Sweet Caroline” at Fenway.

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