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My favorite magazine is Esquire, and my favorite part of Esquire is the monthly “What I’ve Learned” page, where they gather the wisdom of people as diverse as B.B. King, Salman Rushdie, and Donald Trump.  I asked my students some hard questions to find out exactly what they have learned so far, and here are some of their responses.  I think you’ll be impressed.

What We’ve Learned

Being young means that you are naïve about things that go on.

Being a young person means learning to be independent.

We are humans, we have feelings, and we do want to achieve great things.  We just need more activities.

The most valuable lesson I have learned while at MASE is to stay out of drama and keep to yourself.

People respond to kindness.

Black church shoes are the worst fashion trend at MASE.

My favorite places in Memphis are the Stax Museum and the Pink Palace.

I will remember getting my class ring!

People don’t keep secrets any more.

Mr. Brame doesn’t play.

You should never kiss your best friend’s boyfriend.

I think Obama has done great so far.

Being a young person is the most precious gift.

Music is really the center of my sanity.

My favorite place in the city is anywhere I can be with the people I love. 

We do listen to adults; we just act like we’re not.

Always keep up with your belongings because they will come up missing.
Sagging pants is the worst fashion trend.

Build us up; don’t tear us down.

5 thoughts on “What We’ve Learned

  1. This is cool. I really like the way you put all of our work together and allowed us,as students, to speak in one big voice to the world, old sport.

  2. this is very nice how our whole class came into one and made up this just by maybe one or two of their answers from their questionar

  3. Well its about time some intelligent comments were heard from the MASE students! Now, if you could all just get the remainder of the student body to stop their foolishness, MASE could reach its potential. GREAT JOB!!!!

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