Am I Lying?

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Below are three stories about my life.  One of them is true, but two of them are total fabrications.  Can you guess which one is true?  Can you answer the question… Am       I       Lying? Story #1                I spent the summer of 1998 in Zagreb, Croatia, working for the United Nations.  […]

What We’ve Learned

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My favorite magazine is Esquire, and my favorite part of Esquire is the monthly “What I’ve Learned” page, where they gather the wisdom of people as diverse as B.B. King, Salman Rushdie, and Donald Trump.  I asked my students some hard questions to find out exactly what they have learned so far, and here are some […]


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1. What is your living situation? I live in a one-story bungalow on the east part of town, in a neighborhood that used to be the suburbs back in the late 1950s. My family consists of me, my wife, and my young son, Rocco. We have two cats, two cars, and a bocce court in […]