Literary Haiku

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Following is part of my final exam in English III. My students had to match the literary work with its description, which I wrote in haiku form. See if you can do it! Literary works A. “Upon the Burning of My House…,” by Anne Bradstreet B. “Because I Could Not Stop For Death,” by Emily […]

Acrostic Poem

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Acrostic Always looking for A seat in the back of the Room. Quiet. Not afraid Of being forgotten. Shy, even. Nervous where more than three are gathered. But alone, Reading, thinking, I am Almighty, alchemical, Magical, maybe, turning Even these words into gold.

Another List Poem

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Things That Are Yellow Big Bird is yellow.So is lemon pie;A stray cat’s eye The nine ball is whiteWith a yellow stripeDitto the yellow light That bathes my street at night.The sunshine at 4 P.M.In July is yellow The crazy lady’s wallpaperThat made her go nutsAnd worried so her fellow–It wasn’t beige or scarlet;It was […]

The Hardest 26 Words You’ll Ever Write

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Another great writing assignment is a “Thoughtful Alphabet.” A thoughtful alphabet is exactly 26 words long. I bet if you look hard, you’ll be able to figure out the parameters of this assignment. (I stole this idea from Edward Gorey, whose work is always worth a search.) Thoughtful Alphabet #1 Always Be Creative. Don’t Ever […]

Write a List Poem

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Writing a list poem is the easiest way to jump-start your creativity and get yourself writing poetry. To complete one, just create a category and make a list that completes that category. Possible ideas are “Things That Are Yellow” or “Items in My Backpack.” Below is one of my own poems, entitled “Sounds That Drive […]