What We’ve Learned–The Students of 2009

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What We’ve Learned

The students of 2009
Going to bed
at four in the morning, then having to get up at six is not good for your
Learning to
become your own teacher is essential to learning.
Being young
is only a frame of mind.
I love my
My heart
goes out to the people who do not value education because they have disregarded
a precious part of their life.
I love the
Memphis Zoo!
student at MASE cannot live without some fresh tennis shoes.
People are
racist because they have no intelligence.
Being young
means to have freedom of choices.
Old people
do not realize that we as young people know as much as they did when they were
our age.
The most
unfortunate fashion trend of our generation is wearing leggings with a normal
type of shirt.
I could live
off of chicken alfredo and garlic bread.
To be young
means to be full of energy and drive and also have the time and potential to
accomplish great things.
The most
valuable lesson I learned at MASE was that things don’t always happen as they
should but it will happen eventually.
Being young
means to be full of energy.
Education is
always a chance to better yourself.
Smokers are
your friends, but don’t pick up the habit.
Obama, for

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