Publication Update

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Here’s an updated list of my recent publications.  Poetry: “Fred Flintstone’s Complaint” in Projector Magazine “Melanie Daniels Smokes a Cigarette in Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds‘” in Drunk Monkeys “Pedal Steel Guitar,” at the Avatar Review.   “Jeannette” in The Kitchen Poet. “I Should Have Been a Fighter” in The Squawk Back.  “The Gorgon’s Last Dream” […]

July Reading

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Here’s what I read in July. A large portion of my July reading was wasted on Night Film, which I wrote about at length in my last post. The worst part about reading something that you don’t like is that it saps the enjoyment of reading anything. While I was spinning my wheels with Night […]

June Reading

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Here’s What I Read in June. 1. Walking Home by Simon Armitage I’ve been reading a lot of Simon Armitage’s poetry in the last year or so, and I really am almost ready to move on from him. But I couldn’t resist this non-fiction work, Walking Home, which was such an enticing concept. (And I […]

Photo Update

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Time for some more dumb pictures. I was impressed at the way that children’s TV has been pushing the envelope lately. Below are a couple shots from the special Se7en episode of Calliou.  Not to be outdone, Curious George aired a spine-tingling version of Rear Window. Nice work, Curious George. Almost as good as your Heart of […]

Poetry Update

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Photo: Renee Brame Poetry for the win. Last weekend, I had the pleasure of reading some of my work as a part of the Bastet Quartet Reading Series, which you can read all about on their tumblr page. Pictured above are the talented writers, artists, and impresarios who made it happen. Fun times. Click here […]

May Reading

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Here’s what I read in May. 1. Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart There comes a time when you’re reading a high-concept novel and the thought hits you: you’re not having as much fun as you’re supposed to be having. I felt it when I was trying to finish Jonathan Lethem’s Motherless Brooklyn, […]